Welcome to the new world: Coperni Autumn-Winter 2024

An ode to space traveling and the secrets of the universe, Coperni’s Autumn-Winter 2024 featured sexy and intriguing silhouettes, an on-going collaboration with Puma and a showstopper Swipe bag, made of 99% air.

Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant, the creative forces behind Coperni, love talking about the future. This time, they decided to focus their attention on space traveling, UFOs and mysteries of the universe, inviting more than 600 guests to a hangar in the Northern suburbs of Paris, Aubervilliers. 

Models walked around a giant light block sculpture: later, in show notes, one found out that it represented a giant UFO, a mysterious monolith paving the way to the future and new opportunities. The show started with several outerwear pieces, including timeless classics like the gabardine trench in beige, black coat and silver parkas, turned into sexy bodysuits. After, followed a series of white technical transparent organza « garment bag » pieces, styled impeccably with the must-have of next season, the star-shaped stilettos. Other highlights included fake fur coats, denim ensembles, multi-shade deadstock patchwork leather blazers and sliced-up cable knit jumpers. 

Coperni boys are known for their viral moments: one will always remember Bella Hadid’s white paint dress that was literally made to measure IRL or cutest robot dogs from the tech giant Boston Dynamics that undressed the models. These gimmicks became a part of fashion history. This time was no exception. The iconic duo decided to bet on an accessory made thanks to the most ground-breaking technologies: the newest version of the bestseller Swipe bag is crafted from 99% air (NASA’s aerogel, to be more precise, usually used to capture stardust) and 1% glass, and could hold an iPhone. The designers started teasing the high tech accessory on Instagram ahead of the show. So when Leon Dame, impeccably dressed in a gray wool suit, walked clutching it on the runway (on sidenote, they say after Margiela Artisanal show, Dame is the hottest boy in town, so it comes as no surprise that at Coperni he was the only male model tasked to carry “the item of the season”), it felt like magic. As if the future was already here. Watch the space.

There was also a special focus on evening wear: next season, you will see the Coperni girl rocking the dance floors until the night is gone, in silver-foiled skirts, lurex knits, second-skin long-sleeved jersey gowns or mini dresses with disc-shaped skirts, reminiscent of the UFOs. And if you are wondering if Coperni boys are planning to continue their mind-blowing collaboration with Puma: they do! So, prepare for new versions of the speed cats in white and Swipe bags with gorgeous leaping pumas.

Text: Lidia Ageeva