The Happy Six: the New Faces of La Résidence of the Festival

Chosen to be a part of the prestigious La Résidence of the Festival, these six new filmmakers from all corners of the world are changing our perception of the cinema today. Write down their names.


Molly Manning Walker, UK

Best known for her debut feature “How to Have Sex”, winner of the “Un Certain Regard” prestigious award in Cannes in 2023, Molly Manning Walker is British filmmaker and writer, who is not afraid to talk openly about the most burning questions about sex, desire, consentment and all the “grey areas”. No wonder, she is a favorite of both film critics and industry opinion leaders, who rewarded her not only in Cannes but also in Berlin and London, where she picked up the European Film Award and three Bafta nominations. “I am super happy that Cannes continues to support my career”, shared Molly Manning Walker, who resides in London. “I can’t wait to get writing in Paris. It comes at the perfect time for me after a long press tour. I look forward to being surrounded by other creatives and their ideas.”

Molly Manning Walker, UK, © Billy Boyd Cape Molly Manning Walker, UK, © Billy Boyd Cape


Daria Kashcheeva, Czech Republic

Born in Tajikistan and based in Prague, where she graduated from the renowned FAMU film school, Daria Kasacheeva pushes the boundaries of animation. Her 2020 film “Daughter”, exploring the relationships between children and parents, was nominated for the Oscars in the best animated short film category and won over a dozen honors from world-class festivals including Sundance, TIFF, Annecy, Stuttgart, Animafest, GLAS, Hiroshima and the Student Academy Award. Blending live action and animation, her following project “Electra”, where she brings the Greek mythological namesake goddess to the modern world, premiered in Cannes and won in the best international short film category in Toronto last year. “When the world is moving so fast, it’s a privilege to have the opportunity to concentrate solely on writing for 4.5 months”, muses Daria Kashcheeva. “I’m humbled and grateful to have been chosen to participate in La Résidence, to take advantage of this space and time, to escape, and to dive into contemplation, exploration, and writing without the pressure of a tight time frame. I’m curious to meet talented artists, to exchange thoughts and experiences. To present the project at the Festival de Cannes is an amazing start, I’m eagerly looking forward to it.”


Daria Kashcheeva, Czech Republic, © Gabriel Kuchta Daria Kashcheeva, Czech Republic, © Gabriel Kuchta


Ernst De Geer, Sweden

A newcomer from the Nordics, Ernst De Geer was born in Sweden, but studied at the prestigious Norwegian Film School in Oslo. His graduation short film “The Culture” is a dark comedy about a concert pianist who over the course of one snowy night makes the worse and worse decisions, won several awards worldwide and was nominated for the Amanda, the Norwegian César. His first feature “The Hypnosis”, a satire about a couple who are pitching a mobile app, was selected for competition at the Cristal Globe in Karlovy Vary last year, where it picked up three awards. “I’m incredibly grateful to be a part of La Résidence, and look forward to writing my second feature film there”, says Ernst De Geer, who is preparing his next satiric drama. “I know it will be a huge gain for my writing process to exchange experiences and ideas with the other filmmakers from around the world, to gain other perspectives, and to be able to focus on my own process in one of the capitals of cinema.”

Ernst De Geer, Sweden, © Per Larsson Ernst De Geer, Sweden, © Per Larsson


Anastasiia Solonevych,Ukraine

Known for her unique style, blending fiction and non fiction and telling extraordinary stories about ordinary lives, Ukrainian director Anastasiia Solonevych has made herself a name last year in Cannes, where her short film “As It Was” (co-directed with Polish cinematographer Damian Kocur), a heart-breaking story about exile and the impossibility of return to her homeland, played in competition and was nominated for Palme d’Or. Solonevych graduated from the renowned Film and Television Directing program at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv in 2021, and since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022 has been based in Berlin. “I’m excited about the prospect of developing my debut full-length film in an environment that encourages creativity and collaboration”, comments Anastasiia Solonevych, who is now working on her first feature film. “My deepest wish is to absorb valuable insights, refine my vision, and gain fresh perspectives from experienced professionals and fellow filmmakers. This opportunity is a dream come true, allowing me to navigate the vast world of full-length feature films with newfound inspiration and passion.”

Anastasiia Solonevych,Ukraine Anastasiia Solonevych,Ukraine


Danech San, Cambodia

An interior designer by training, Danech San was always passionate about cinema and worked first as a volunteer for a documentary company and later in production of TV shows before becoming a film director in her own right. She graduated from Locarno Filmmakers Academy and is now working on her debut feature “To Leave, To Stay” about a girl on the cusp of adulthood that travels to a remote rocky island to try to find her Internet date. Her debut philosophical short film “A Million Years”, shot on location in Kampot in her native Cambodia, was named Best Southeast Asian Short Film at the 2018 Singapore International Film Festival and won the Arte Short Film Award at the 2019 Internationales Kurz film Festival in Hamburg. “I wish to get this much needed time and space to focus on writing and experimenting new ideas for my first feature,” - says Danech San, who is above excited to be living in Paris and attending la Résidence. - “This is a great opportunity to get to know fellow filmmakers, meet industry professionals and explore the cinema scene in France.”

Danech San, Cambodia, © Prum Ero Danech San, Cambodia, © Prum Ero


Aditya Ahmad, Indonesia

A graduate from the Makassar Institute of Arts, Indonesian director and writer Aditya Ahmad always knew that he was passionate about cinema. With his graduation short film “Stopping The Rain” (“Sepatu Baru” in his native language) he won a special mention from the Youth Jury at the 64th Berlin International Film Festival in 2014. Since then, Aditya has been working on various films and TV advertising projects and participated in the Asian Film Academy and the Berlinale Talents. His short film “A Gift” (“Kado” in Indonesian) won Best Short Film in the Orizzonti competition at the Venice Film Festival in 2018. “It’s a true honor to be selected to join La Résidence, where I’ll work on my first feature film surrounded by the lingering energy of many remarkable filmmakers who have passed through”, - shares his thoughts Aditya Ahmad. - “I’m excited to grow together with the other residents, whom I believe will play an important role in my filmmaking process. Here’s a ride for a lifetime!”

Aditya Ahmad, Indonesia, © DR Aditya Ahmad, Indonesia, © DR



Launched back in 2020, La Résidence of the Festival is a creative incubator that welcomes every year the most promising cinema directors in the apartment in the heart of Paris in the 9th arrondissement. The apprentissage lasts four and a half months, where the young filmmakers are working on the script for their new feature film, assisted by industry opinion leaders, directors, and screenwriters. The program kicked off in Paris in March and will continue in Cannes at the Festival from May 14 to May 21, where the participants will join the last year’s contestants Meltse Van Coillie, Diana Cam Van Nguyen, Hao Zhao, Gessica Généus, Andrea Slaviček, Asmae El Moudir, to present their projects and compete for a scholarship of 5000 €.

Since its inception in 2000, La Résidence has been called the “Villa Medici” of the cinema and has become a creative hub for more than 200 upcoming talents, helping them find their voice. Some of the renowned La Résidence graduates include Lebanese director Nadine Labaki Lucrecia Martel, who won the César and Oscar for the Best Foreign Language Film for “Capharnaüm” in 2019; Mexican director Michel Franco who secured Grand Prix of the Jury at the Mostra de Venise in 2020 with his film “Nuevo Orden”; and Israeli director Nadav Lapid who was awarded with The Golden Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2019 for his feature film “Synonymes”.

Courtesy: Festival de Cannes

Text: Lidia Ageeva