POSTED BY HDFASHION / February 26TH 2024

Ferragamo's Fall/Winter 24-25 Collection: Where Military Meets Fluffy Fashion

Ferragamo's Fall/Winter 24-25 collection transports you back to a time capsule where a wartime ambiance takes center stage. Featuring military green officer coats, leather trenches, and crepe-soled boots, the runway was cloaked in a somber atmosphere reminiscent of historic significance.

The collection's distinctive feature is trapunto-stitched belts, which elegantly adorn heavy wool coats and playful capes, adding flair to gauzy cocktail dresses. There was a sense of whimsy on the runway, with feathery shoes, utility HotPants for men, and a red jersey dress slashed and draped in the middle.

This collection showcases Ferragamo's contemporary sensibilities with fish-scale dresses crafted from glossy patent leather discs. The creative director, Maximilian Davis, delved into the brand's archives to find inspiration in the 1920s. In Davis' vision, women enter speakeasies clandestinely wearing embroidered dance dresses underneath enveloping, mannish coats.

Featuring handsome dress coats for men and captivating slip dresses adorned with intricate swags of delicate fringe, the collection captures the essence of an era gone by. In addition to military greens and earthy browns, the hardware on shoes mirrors jacquards on clothes, adding to the collection's cohesiveness.

While showcasing Ferragamo's heritage, Davis acknowledges the brand's recent efforts need a lighter tone, leaving us eager to witness the brand's evolution.


Editor: Kateryna Kushnir